7 Tips For Decorating Small Sized Bedroom

Not everyone can afford to buy a big house with spacious rooms. However, the great failure of a home is not the main thing. Although small and simple, if arranged and cared for properly, you can definitely feel comfortable living in it. One fairly important part of a home is the bedroom. For a small house, the bedrooms there is also usually small. So that the bedroom does not seem cramped, there are seven small bedroom decorating tips you can do. When sleeping, a person certainly needs peace and comfort. One way to create comfort is the selection of wall colors in the bedroom. The white color is considered as the most calming color. In addition, the white color also make the room seem more spacious.

1. Choose a neutral color for the walls
Besides white, you can also use pastel colors, such as beige, light blue or soft pink. Choose one color to become the dominant base color in the bedroom. Too much wear colors can actually make the room feel full and stuffy. If you want your room does not look too plain, it can be arranged. Just take advantage of wallpaper on the bedroom wall. However, doing it on one side of the wall and not at all over the walls. You can also attach a sticker wallpaper as decoration.

2. Selection and Placement Beds
Most people are more comfortable using the beds were large and spacious. However, of course this can not be applied to small-sized bedroom. Therefore, you can choose a bed that is not too small, nor too big.
Choose a bed that does not have too many ornaments that do not hog all the space in vain. If necessary, make sure the bottom of the bed looks empty, creating the impression of broad and open.

You can also use the beds that are open to close. When daylight and not used, the bed can be closed again. Thus, the bedroom can also be used for other activities without being disturbed by the presence of the bed.
If you plan to occupy the room with other people, you can also use the bunk. So as not to seem stuffy, make use of the empty space under the bed level as a closet. This certainly fits with the concept of the effective utilization of space. The other thing is that you also need to look at whether to put the bed in the room would be better than in the middle of the room. By attaching a bed on the side of the wall, you can save space in the middle so that it can be used to move actively.

3. Do not Use Many Pillows
Most people are happy to provide lots of pillows on the bed. Besides to support the head, these pillows also often become part of the decor. Sometimes, the amount exceeds the needs of the room occupants. Well, this is wrong. Placing too many pillows in the bedroom it will make the room becomes narrower because the cushions are certainly takes up space that is still available. If you love with beautiful cushions and look artsy, disconnect only one or two pillows that you like most. Then, place it on the bed as usual.

4. Maximize lighting
Although it used to sleep, does not mean that the bedrooms do not need good lighting. Good lighting, both during the day and night, also contribute to make the bedroom feel comfortable.
The windows were open every day would make the atmosphere in the room feels more fresh. At night, you can take advantage of chandeliers are quite bright. When sleeping, use a light sleeper that could be placed on the edge of the bed.

5. Slide Door
Model‘s bedroom door was also influential in creating the widespread impression. If you wish to make a bedroom does not feel cramped, use the model‘s door that can be shifted. Thus, the space in the room is not consumed by the door when it is opened

6. Use Minimalist Furniture
Do you also want to take advantage of the bedroom as a place to study or work at the desk? Be careful in choosing a table and chairs for the needs of this one.
The use of tables and chairs are big and bold in essence creating a claustrophobic impression. While chairs with a slim leg braces will make you feel more free and relaxed. Seats are also more easily moved anywhere.

7. Use the Mirror
The mirror can make a small room look bigger becomes. Virtual space seen through the mirror will make your bedroom become increasingly widespread. In addition, the mirror is also a mandatory property for people who work in the field of formal and should be set out in immaculate condition.
Choose the type of mirror that does not have too many ornaments around it. Do not forget, a mirror with elongated sizes will be better effect.


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