How To Remove Water Stains From Ceiling Without Painting

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Below are ways how to remove water stains from ceiling without painting that you can do at home.

First, check the material used to make the ceiling. If all porous ceiling material (popcorn / textured ceiling, wood, gypsum ceiling, etc.) have been used in the ceiling of the house then you will not be able to clean it properly. Water stains will return quickly later. You must remove the ceiling stained water and replace it. Ceiling porous including popcorn ceiling, must be removed and replaced to cope with the growth water stains.

Attach the ladder to the correct position. Put a stool or ladder under sections were stained water in the ceiling of the house. Stand there and reach out to the ceiling of the house. See if you can reach the water-stained ceiling and are in a safe location.
• Clean water stains with a raised arm requires physical strength and good flexibility.
• If you have a problem on the arm, neck or wrist, clean something with facing upward movement for a long time can cause pain. If this is the case, you can clean it intermittently interspersed with rest, or find someone more powerful to perform the cleaning process.

Make a sanitizing solution of water stains. There are several options for making water stain cleaning solution. The most common solution is a mixture of 2 tablespoons of borax, 62.5 ml of vinegar and 500 ml of hot water that will remove water stains, freshen the air and reduce the chances of water stains reappear

  • Borax which is a natural cleanser and do not emit harmful fumes are air fresheners and prevention of natural water stains. Borax is also a mineral product with low toxicity levels and usually cheap.
  • Vinegar is a mild acid that eradicate 82 percent of species were water stains that are natural and safe. Vinegar is non-toxic, does not emit noxious fumes, and an air freshener, and can be obtained at a low price in the supermarket. Vinegar can be sprayed directly on the surface of the ceiling and allowed to stand.
  • Bleach water stain repellent clothing is effective and will get rid of the stains caused by water stains, but produces steam that hard, can damage the materials used on the ceiling, and can not penetrate the porous ceiling material. Chlorine in bleach attached to the ceiling surface of porous materials while the water is absorbed into the inside, creating a more humid conditions for water stains to grow. Use bleach in a mixture consisting of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.

The most important thing in doing step how to remove water stains from ceiling without painting is keep your self. So, the next step is:

How To Remove Water Stains From Ceiling Without Painting

Wear safety goggles and a mask or respirator. These objects will protect the eye if there is a cleaning agent droplets falling from the ceiling when you clean it. Because some water stains cleaning agent little harsh, then protect the eyes is important. In addition, water stains dead spores are easily spread in the air so it’s important to wear a mask or respirator when cleaning process to prevent the inhalation of spores that is not healthy.

Spray the cleaning solution on a water stain that looks at the ceiling of the house. Enter the cleaning solution into a spray bottle and spray directly on the ceiling water stains. Be careful, do not spray too much to not hit you.

Rub the stain water using the rough side of a sponge cleaning. Rub back and forth to remove water stains. Take a break if necessary, especially if the broad water-stained area. You may also need to get down and move the stool to reach all parts of the water stain growth.

Clean the sponge frequently to prevent the spread of water stains.  When you use a cleaning cloth, replace it with a new, or clean when you use it. If you do not clean it, then there is a risk of water stains around the move to the ceiling and do not clean.

Let the ceiling dry out. If there is a fan, light. In addition, if the hot weather, open the windows and let the wind coming. This will help dry the ceiling and emit spores.



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